I feel Unwelcome here as a artist

2013-04-27 10:39:43 by Killerwolf1020

I have been posting art here on Newgrounds and most of my art is animal centered. Anthro or Furry if you want to term it.
And I have been getting some nasty comments insulting me or my art while not accessing the quality of the art, just the content. I have had plenty of nice comments and great critiques that have helped me look at my style and try and fix what was wrong.

I guess this site is just unwelcoming to only "everything, that the male population likes" If it's meant for a female or more narrow audience it gets bashed and hated.

But this wont make me stop posting here until it really gets bad. I'm not letting some immature children bully me off this site because they don't like animal art.


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2013-04-27 16:49:56

That's the spirit! Hater's are always gonna hate.


2013-04-27 12:11:44

Well, I'm happy to have you here, even if I'm not your target audience :) It's all part of that wonderful thing they call variety. Haters gonna hate and unfortunately you like an art style which is a hate magnet - keep pushing and keep drawing :D

Killerwolf1020 responds:

Thank you. And yes the style I do is often looked very down upon. As I look down upon it sometimes as there are many disgusting degenerate people in the fan group but that is true for any group anywhere and where there is the degenerate people there are good people. You just have to look past the bad.


2013-04-27 10:43:36

Don't let it get you down. Do what you like to do.

I get where your coming from, I'm from the Audio Portal after all which is the most underdeveloped side of Newgrounds. Imagine how you feel times 100. If your not making Dubstep there then leave in many peoples opinion :D

Regardless, don't mind the haters. Everyone gets them.
Just keep doing what YOU like to do, don't change for anybody. Eventually more people who like what YOU like will come, theres billions of people in the world after all :)

Killerwolf1020 responds:

Thank you and just WOW, I looked at some of your songs here and I LOVE them. The openings are phenomenal. The songs are really set to the mood and are absolutely beautiful. I'll have to show them to my boyfriend who will love them =D