I am an artist and I love to see other artists' work and see them progress. I am all about creative criticism but all the while trying to keep the artists hopes up and to help support them to make better work. Keep on working to get better.

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So some people complain about my females not being "feminine"...I should just get over it right? It’s just some little insignificant comment right? Well I can’t.

I can understand that after drawing males most of the time my females are not that great...but come on people. Just because the gal I draw doesn't have huge breasts, wide hips, and a abnormally thin waist does not make her less of a female. I will not point fingers but please people, stop being so closed minded. I will admit, I am not fit, I have some fat on me, my shoulders are wider than an average girl and I have a less then large butt. I am not the "ideal" shape of a woman. I am not feminine and do not have to be. So why should I make my girls feminine. Why do you stupid, closed minded people seem to need to have the ideal body type drawn for it to be feminine. I am just going to ignore all posts about my girl character's needing to be more “feminine " and if possible, report it because it's a HUGE insult to me. I am not feminine, I do not have to be feminine, and I do NOT have to make MY drawings of MY characters feminine unless I want to. So please. Do not come about and say "It just doesn't look feminine”

Please instead, maybe offer "her hips could look a little wider, or arch the back more as a woman's back curves more than a males." Know your anatomy before you come whining about how I draw it. I am not perfect in it, but I do know something about it. I make mistakes, yes, I will fix them if they are bad enough. But please, if you have the incessant NEED to whine about a "not-femmy" character, be sure to get your words well thought out.


I am sorry about the rant, but this is the ONLY site where I get rude, one sentence (or one word) comments like "ew" or "you can't draw girls well can you" or "you need to work more on your female bodies".


Excuse me for saying, but the stupid, annoying, drama-infested fandom of Fur jerks are better company than some of you basement dwelling critique-a-holics that think that it's their job to tell someone what's girly or not.


One day I might just not post stuff here anymore and go to places where people can actually give helpful critiques. And by that I mean giving advice to help, not just "it look's pasted on over the body" or "it could look more feminine".

Peace out



P.S. Sorry for harsh language, but this really hurts to be told that something need's to be more feminine coming from someone who doesn't want to be feminine or considered feminine, and having one of my characters that is supposed to represent a part of me needing to be more feminine is kind of hurtful. And just an FYI, Hallow, the character being accused of not being feminine is supposed to represent a part of me. 




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