www.dramakoreaterbaru.com has posted our art

2012-12-21 00:58:26 by Killerwolf1020

So as some of you may or may not have found out a site called Korean Drama (www.dramakoreaterbaru.com) has been posting art found on various sites without the permission of the artists. My art and even photo included. I don't know what this site's motive is but it's not to my liking.

Sites that my art and other artists hard work has been taken from are DeviantArt and Newgrounds. Who knows where else this site has stolen from.

This is my first personal dealing with art theft and needless to say it's scary and im not exactly sure what to do. But this is not going to stop me from posting my art here or anywhere.

Thankfully a fellow deviantArtist posted this http://browse.deviantart.com/#/d5opvql and it has helped me quite a bit.

You can help too.

Get the word out. Help take this site down and return the credit to the artists.

I understand some of you HATE DeviantArt, it may have wronged you or done something bad, but dont just turned a blind eye on this. This could have happened to any site anywhere. Please Help!

Please fellow Art lovers and artists. Led a helping hand and show these guys what we are made of because this little American Asian is going to hand them the boot and show them the door.


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