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I am an artist and I love to see other artists' work and see them progress. I am all about creative criticism but all the while trying to keep the artists hopes up and to help support them to make better work. Keep on working to get better.

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My respect to you for writing this. The ideal of femininity just isn't there, and breeds an image of women that blinds people to what the individual person is like.

That being said, I'm going to go look at your art.

I have no problem with people liking big breasted women or curvy hips. I like them a bit myself, but to ask people to change and conform to a specific type of body figure, that's just going too far.

Thank you for giving my at some time. I don't mind if people don't like it, I just mind if they come out and hate on it just because it's "not their cup of tea"

I think you're expecting too much from the reviews here, by and large they are useless though you do get to mark them as such if you wish and if you find any particularly abusive you can report that too.

Taking a gander at your work it looks to me like your characters lean more towards people in fursuits then cartoons with exaggerated features, this might not conform to what the majority audience here prefers accounting for some of the off hand negative feedback you're getting.

It may lean more towards furries, but that doesn't make it "not art" or make my effort in drawing the image a waste of time (which is what they try to hit at while slightly mentioning that they hate furs). So while the audience may not all be wanting to see it, they do have the option of moving on without saying a word.

Though I do seem to think that people here, the audience, want slutty little girls or huge breasted and ass wiggling divas that they could stare without getting their titanic double chins slapped.

If they hate fur art, they can just go on to their little girls.

Unfortunately, that's how most of world works and likes to think. Not that agree with it, anyway. It's all a matter of preference and you have to remember, while this site is "Everything, by Everyone" it's a lot compose by a lot of (no offense guys, even I am guilty of this. *Working on it too*) perverts. And that ranges from both the furry side all the way to...well, whatever side is there (forgive me, I don't know all).
Anyway, don't let people like that and trolls get onto you about that. And I know just a few kind words and that advice won't make the troll comments go away, you have ask yourself "What have they contributed to the community?" And the answer to that is "Nothing". And if they have, then they're not what you would call an artist since they actually help and critique.

God Bless You with your future works. :)

Thank you for the response. It is unfortunate that so many are trolls out there and I do not draw a lot of human art (and if I did, they would probably be mostly male XP) so my "furry" art kind of stands out and I know not many people like it but I also know that there are some people on here that like it. I mean, there is child porn on here (or at least stuff that is close to it while some will claim that it's not) and people get off to young anime girls getting pregnant. So I try to say, it's art, it's beautiful drawn, and I can look past the content of the picture in order to see the effort the artist put into the image.